The collection „Graziosa“ charms the viewer with its classical und delicate gracefulness. A traditional oriental ornament in cool, modest colours renders this collection a very masculine touch. The modern vintage style creates a stylish and elegant effect on the wall which is strongly underlined by the classical stripe pattern. With their embossed textile structure, matching plain colours are reminiscent of the age of the French Sun King who used to have his walls decorated with precious fabrics.

Adding to the collection is a tendril in a floral pattern, with the register embossing design emphasizing the playful, delicate details of the shape. The harmonising stripe superbly picks up this 3-D effect. Matching plain colour options complement this series.

A wonderful traditional floral theme adds to this collection with a graceful flower motif in the register embossing style, where the flower petals appear to be hand-drawn and in full blossom. A delicate pink and a precious red shade are sure to create a breath-taking highlight on the wall.

Material: Hot-embossed on high-quality non-woven

Period of validity: Until end of 2018


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