Pop and wallpaper titan, star juror and award winning producer – after the great success of his collections, “it´s different“ and „Studio Line“, Dieter Bohlen now presents „Spotlight“, his third exclusive wallpaper collection in a row:

“Spotlight“ stands out for its unique and sophisticated range of designs and filigree finish. With great attention to detail, the collection features a modern interpretation of nature themes, patterns from the grand times of Art Deco and traditional ornaments. The focus is placed on classical symbolism translated to contemporary history.

Dieter Bohlen’s new collection is divided into three clearly structured series of which each in itself generates a graceful ambience and lends a room a touch of luxury.

The first series takes inspiration from the wanderlust of the Egyptian culture. An artfully designed papyrus flower amalgamating a mixture of ethno style and nature trend represents the very core of this creation. Embellished with fine glittering lines, the flower virtually sways on the wall. The combination with a linear stripe and exquisitely structured plains beautifully rounds off this series. Particularly striking is the delicate embossing perfectly recreating the structure of papyrus which the ancient Egyptians used as writing paper for hieroglyphics to spread their knowledge.

The design of the second series brings back memories of the grand era of Art Deco. The nostalgic emotion has been skilfully adopted and translated into modern age. Freshly interpreted textile elements of valence and ribbons create a three-dimensional sumptuous appearance. Another highlight of this composition is the all-over design with its alternating, shimmering facets and sparkling play of light. The choice of colours ranges from pure and timelessly elegant to casual, trendy shades creating a rich, lavish atmosphere.

Brilliant and majestic ornaments are the central theme of the third series. Subtle 3D nuances create an unmistakable textile appearance that is also adopted in the matching stripe. Subtle accents with glitter lend this series a noble and splendid radiance. The unique embossing structure highlights details at their very best. The colour palette ranges from an intense ultramarine blue through bright gold to elegant white and beige combinations. Interference colours create exceptional gradients and gloss.

Material: Hot embossed on high-quality non-woven

Period of validity: End of 2017


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