Trends 2016

Our time today is strongly characterised by technical progress, constant change and rapid development. Many people have little time and are often under a lot of stress in their everyday life. We are all living in a technical world totally conquered by increasingly flat TV screens, smartphones and tablet PCs with cold, plain surfaced dominating our environment.

Trends 2016 come as a complete countermovement to this concentrated technology!

They satisfy the longing for warmth, natural materials and the need to feel three-dimensionality. Thanks to their unique touch effect, fabric and coarse structures are particularly popular in 2016. The warmness of these fabric structures is meant to add a sense of homeliness and a peaceful quality to our much too hectic life and to create an emotional antithesis to the impersonal industrial products.

You can literally feel the strong desire for freedom and society’s yearning to banish the cold, synthetic surfaces in favour of handicraft and products with a personal touch and identity. The 2016 wallpaper trends stand out for their exceptional surface structures reflecting an exclusive, warm textile character palpable to the touch. Benefit from an ideal opportunity of creating your personal oasis of peace.

The trends are clearly determined by the latest fashion. Leather, fabric and textile and metallic looks are joined in a new dimension. Ornaments and damask patterns lead the way back to classical traditions with cosiness in their wake. Flowers are portrayed by modern arrogance, seemingly hand painted in water colours and oil techniques. This creates a vintage effect highlighting the unique, individual countenance even more.

Pastel shades range from warm sand and beige nuances to classy grey and silver blends. Cosy bronze and gold shades create an inviting feel-good atmosphere. Nonetheless, vibrant colourful outliers within the collections still display a vivid pulsating life.