Care instructions

Wasserbeständig bis zum Zeitpunkt der VerarbeitungWater-resistant up to the point of use
Fresh spots of paste can be dabbed off using a damp sponge.
Light stains can be removed using a damp sponge.
HochwaschbeständigHighly wash-resistant
Stains, apart from oil or grease etc., can be removed using a little soap and a sponge.
Water-soluble stains can be removed using a little soap or a mild cleaning agent and a sponge or soft brush.
HochscheuerbeständigHighly abrasion-resistant
Water-soluble stains can be removed using a little soap or a mild cleaning agent and a sponge or soft brush.



Ausreichend lichtbeständigModerate resistance to light
Befriedigend lichtbeständigSatisfactory resistance to light
Gut lichtbeständigGood resistance to light
Sehr gut lichtbeständigVery good resistance to light
Ausgezeichnet lichtbeständigExcellent resistance to light
(Criteria are the same as wool scale.)


Pattern matching
AnsatzfreiNo matching
Patterns do not need to be considered when hanging wallpaper.
Gerader AnsatzStraight match
The same patterns must be matched at the same height.  Insert repeat at cm intervals, 50 cm for example.
Versetzter AnsatzOffset match
The pattern on the next strip must be shifted by the height of half a pattern.  Insert repeat and offset at cm intervals, 50/25 cm for example.
Gestürztes KlebenReverse alternate lengths
Every other strip must be reversed.


Means of application

Tapete einkleisternApply paste to wallpaper
Paste should be applied to the wall covering.
Wand einkleisternApply paste to wall
Brush paste or glue onto the wall rather than onto the reverse of the wallpaper.
The reverse side of the wallpaper is pre-coated with paste which is activated when water is applied.


Removal method

Restlos trocken abziehbarCan be removed completely without using water
The wallpaper can be removed from the wall when redecorating without using water and leaves no residue.
Spaltbar trocken abziehbarCan be partly removed without using water
The top layer of wallpaper can be stripped without using water. The bottom layer stays on the wall and serves as liner paper.
Nass zu entfernenRemove when moist
Soften wallpaper with water and remove using a scraper.



High-quality embossed wallpaper comprising two layers of paper laminated together.  The embossing retains its shape after hanging.
DoppelnahtschnittDouble seam cut
In no-match, heavy wall coverings. Each new strip overlaps the previous one by approx. 5-8 cm. Both strips should be cut with a double cutting wallpaper knife in the area where the strips overlap.
Description used for particularly resistant speciality coverings with a hard-wearing elastic surface.